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Monday, August 13, 2012

This Weeks Updates 2012-Week 32

Week 32 Updates

August 5-11, 2012

   Well, we canned meats the precious night and woke up this morning to check on how well they sealed, wash off the jars because they had grease built up on the outside of them, and then we stowed them away in our pantry. They all did seal which was great. Did a lot of laundry and clean up the house some. Plus, we unpacked a lot of boxes and filled up a lot of plastic totes and had the hubs take them to the storage shed and garage. But overall, fun filled day.

 After the hubs got off work we went to turn in Aiden's soccer application. So, he will be starting soccer this year. After that, we went to a thrift store to look for clothes for Aiden because he is growing so fast and he needed them if he started Pre-K this year. He no long fits in 4T jeans length wise, waist they fit him just fine. Well, there we found a lot of clothes for both boys and ourselves. Also, found a lot of plastic canvas stuff which I remember doing as a kid with my grandmother but I only grabbed a couple of bags and was unsure if the hubs was OK with me getting the rest. So, we got home tonight and he says, "Why didn't you grab the rest?" and at first I wanted to slap him silly for saying that. So, I said "Tomorrow I will get the rest." I Love plastic canvas.

   After, the hubs got off work we went out shopping again. We stopped by the thrift store again and I went in and pretty much bought ever single bag of the plastic canvas stuff I could find. The hubs has been talking about getting a bike and I want a serger. So, I told him that he can get the bike but I am going to get the serger. He wanted a bike, so, he can ride around with the kids with their bikes, plus, he wants to ride his bike for when he goes on deployments. Which is cool, plus, it saves him having to spend money on taxis, bus rides, or any other transportation that cost money. So, after I was done with the thrift store we headed over to Wal-Mart for some shopping and for him to get a bike.

   The hubs had duty, which sucks but its part of be in the navy, right...LOL. Had to wake up early because Aiden had his IEP (Individualized Education Program) appointment today. It Went. What we were trying to do was try and get him into special education but it failed in Washington state but we were SO hoping that here in Virginia he would get in. Well, they said that they want to observe him in a classroom. Since he hasn't started school before. Okay, sure why not! Sometimes it just irks me because I go in there and I feel like they are trying to tell me that they know my child better than I do, which they don't. Just because he wasn't sitting there hitting himself, flapping or anything else that ONE day. Then, they tried sit there and tell me that they think his is high-functioning/Aspergers, he is autistic (ASD). Just because his is a very intelligent little boy. Oh, and then, tells me that they think he will have problems when he gets older. What the Hell is that suppose to mean?!? With this new Tri-care stuff that change sometime at the beginning of this year, you have to have an IEP just for him to get services which is another crock a shit as well. Well, he can probably just get basic ABA but that's probably it, that's if he can get an ABA therapist who will come to the house more then one time a month or if any at all, had problems with previous ABA therapists. So, hoping, he gets into pre-k this year. We found out that he is #1 on the waiting list. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed. Went to the school to drop off copies for the long list stuff they need just to register your child. The kids (who I can't really take anywhere together) were running around in circles, going on waxed floor, potty every 5 second, trying to sit on a metal dog statue, and etc, while I was trying to fill out Aiden's school registration form. They were acting like wild kids....LOL. Came home and pretty much spent time the kids and made dinner peanut butter and jelly Aiden's favorite. He has to have it for lunch every day but today he want it for dinner. Worked on my blog. Got to talk to the hubby while he was on duty, I just LOVE getting those phones call just to hear his voice. Sucks for me because when his on duty, I get NO sleep. I just miss him so much and I don't like sleeping in our bed without him.

   Woke up late, because I always have a hard time sleeping in our bed without him. The hubby told me the night before that he was going to be getting off early, yeah, well if you have ever been in the military or married to someone in the military than you know that's not how it always works. Yeah well, he got home at the same time as a normal working day and he looked dog tried and if you know me I told him that he needs to spend as much time with the kids instead of going to take a nap because there is a deployment in our future. Plus, I said you can always go to bed early but did he no he stayed up 'til about 11pm then crawled into bed. Well, I also had a really really bad migraine that started when I woke up and just got worse until the kids were already in bed. Yes, I took my medicine but the one pill didn't work like it usually does. So, I ended up taking another pill and after some crying, water, and cold washcloth on the eyes it finally went away. So, really only spent about an hour with the hubs before he crawled into bed. Then, I was up for several hours after that. So, while I was upstairs lying in bed, the hubs was downstairs putting things away and straightening up the kitchen. When, I came down after my migraine had gone, I was like WOW, he did a great job even while I was calling every 5 seconds to get something for me. So, now the house is starting to come together and look like a real home. SO, excited!

   Woke up and did the usually daily stuff I do, like: 
  • either breakfast or brunch 
  • spent time with the kids watching something cartoon on Netflix
  • lunch
  • put them down for naptime/quite time
  • cleaned/unpacked/quite time for me/laundry 
  • wake them up
  • they run around/play/something
  • cook dinner
  • eat dinner 
  • movie time
  • bedtime for the kids 
  • then peace time for me,
  •  oh, then bed. 
Well the hubs had change of command today. So, he came walking in from work wearing his dress white, sexy (to me that is), but I really love him in his dress blues, Oh My God!...LOL. Told me about his day. Finished up my t-shirt board post  for my blog. Made Taco Salad with the canned hamburger I made on Saturday. After, I opened the two pint size jars and poured them into the pan, I tried it. To me, it tasted like Vienna sausage out of a can but when I cooked and mixed it with the taco seasoning it tasted like taco meat and it was SO good. 

   Got up early, well rolled out of bed around 10-10:30am. Got the kids ready because we were going to a Flea Market. Well ended up going to 5-6 Flea Markets because they either didn't look right or they looked like they were selling used stuff from there house that they had for centuries. Plus, some just gave us the creeps and we just drove right on by. Some were closed for the this weekend or they were just closed down. One the GPS tried to takes us down a road that was under construction and had a closed road sign and as we were trying to get the GPS to give us a different way it keep saying we needed to turn around when possible. So, we put in another GPS address for a different Flea Market and this last one was in doors. So, we went inside to check it out, they were kinda pricey on somethings and somethings not. Well the kids ended up the only ones getting anything. They walked out with 75 different hot wheels cars, yeah well, those cars ended up all over the back seat of the car. Well, going back to the first Flea Market we stopped at some guy was trying to sale us a 10LB bag of potatoes but it only had like 6-7 large potatoes in it. No, I didn't get them, I have potatoes at home, that i bought a 20LB bag for close to the same price they were selling it for. Went to Wal-Mart got the oil changed in the car and did a little shopping while we were waiting for the car to be done. Kids acting out like usually. Got the boys a haircut while we were at Wal-mart also. Had to stop be Food Lion and get some milk, bread, and picked up some pot pies for dinner. So, Around 8pm the power goes out right as we are putting the kids to bed. They start freaking out because it dark. Gave Aiden the only flashlight we have and told him to use his IPad to play games until he fell asleep and told him he can't watch his shows like he usually does he got a little upset about it but took it like a champ. Liam on the other hand, fighting tooth and nail just to keep him in bed. So, finally, the hubs gave Liam his IPhone just so he could watch his shows and he went right to sleep. So, we tried to go to bed early but I wasn't tried then he got a migraine and took his medicine and he was out like a light. The power came back on around 11pm. I was like, yeah, power because writing by candle light kinda sucks but it was nice to spend time with the hubby while the kids were sleeping and no electronics. Then I was off to bed.

Toddles, until next weeks updated post.

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