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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Weeks Updates 2012-Week 33

Week 33 Updates....

August 12-18

Note: Just as a heads up....I will try and do more but here lately its been difficult, like I just don't want to do anything right now for reasons which will be pretty much explained in this weeks update. But I will try and do a little better, its just I have been a little down.

   Well, we spent time with the hubby before we had to take him the ship. Which SUCKED but he had to go. I had the hubs do a couple of things before he had to leave, like make sure all the trash out because Monday is our trash day and he usually makes sure all the trash is taken out the night before. He cleaned the Litter Box because also was his chore to do and I feed and make sure the cats have water. I told him to get the Halloween containers out because we don't know if he will be back for Halloween but I wanted them out just in case. Plus, I really don't like going into our shed UNLESS I have too. SPIDERS....eeeeekkkk!...LOL. I just sit here and think that he won't be home for Aiden's First Day of School (that's if he gets in this year....hopefully....fingers-crossed), our 4 year Wedding Anniversary, Aiden's first soccer game, Halloween, Labor Day, and any other Holiday I missed, he is going to miss. After, the hubby and I took one last shower together before he left. While, he was getting ready and spraying on his cologne, I had asked to hug his pillow so that way it left his scent behind on his pillow. So, when I hug the pillow at bed time it will remind me of him. Well, he turns around and does just that but also bring his bottle of cologne with him and starts spraying it as well. He says the scent will last longer....LOL. Well, we drop him off at the ship gave our hugs, kisses and told we will be here when he gets back. Liam he just sat there in his car seat as if daddy wasn't leaving, didn't cry but I dont think he really understands whats going on either. Aiden on the other hand cried more then me but I have been crying off and on before we dropped him and during the week. Aiden full-blown, "I want daddy!", "I want to go to the ship with daddy!","I want daddy to kiss my boo boo!" this is what I heard all the way home. I told him that "daddy will be back but he is just going away for a little while and mommies going to miss him too." I started to cry a little bit seeing how hurt and heart-broken Aiden was. I wanted my hubby too. I even told Aiden that I would kiss his boo boo for daddy. Then he would turn around and say "NO! I want daddy to kiss my boo-boo!" So, I told him "When we get home I will call daddy on his cell phone and you can leave a voice message and then when daddy calls he can kiss your boo-boo through the phone." But he still cried all the way home. When we got home I called daddy like I promised and left a message for and then he stop crying after that. I guess it the satisfaction that deep down he know daddy would get his message and call him back which he did as some as the hubby got cell service. Called and wish them goodnight. Asked if that was Aiden on the voicemail, which it was, and to call me to say he loves and misses us. Which it was great to hear his voice. Sucks that I didn't go to bed early, I can't sleep really without him. I started doing things around the house picking up, cleaning, did a picture transfer on to canvas which turned out pretty good and started again on my plastic canvas projects. 

Pictures Of Us Taken Right Before We Had Drop Him Off!

This is the boys when they fell asleep tonight. I guess they didn't want to sleep in their beds....LOL.

Picture transfer to canvas.
The first full day of him being gone. Pest control came today, she sprayed the outside, the kitchen and bathroom but I don't know how good it will since I keep seeing spiders coming out of the wood works. I called the hubs to leave a voice message so he could hear it later since I know there was a chance that he wouldn't have cell service or was going to be to busy to answer is phone. Well, to my surprise he answered to phone. We talked for a little bit because he couldn't talk for long but it was great to hear his voice. He told me that they were working him pretty hard, builds character, thats just my thought. He been getting his quals done  that needs to be done, other than that his pretty tired all the time. We told each other that we love and miss each other. This is our First Deployment/Underway since we been together/married. Kids took it pretty well. I had the kids make him a video message and send it to him be text so he can save it to his phone so that way if he feels sad, lonely, and missing us he can replay them. Kids love doing this because they see themselves in the video and they make all kinds of funny face, especially Aiden he will set there and stick out his tongue and just laugh basically at himself but when I send it the hubs i hope he gets a good laugh out of it and as I do. Sometimes just thinking about him not being here, I feel like I lost my helper. He would help me with the chores, kids, everything but I have to learn to do this on my own, which sucks. A few of the things that kept me busy today was I transfer a picture to canvas just to see how it would turn all and it worked better then I thought. Also, did some plastic canvas Navy magnets.
Plastic Canvas Magnets.
I didn't do much except moped around the house all day. Besides moping I took care of the kids and did what we pretty much do a daily basis, I am just missing the hubs a lot that's all. Kids were pretty good being there normal selves. Maintenance guy came and worked on the dishwasher, it was off kilter and I kept getting white dry soap stuff on my dishes and didn't know where it was coming from. So, he brought over a dishwasher rinsing agent for the dishwasher, so I used it on the next wash and the white stuff was gone but also before using that I put vinegar in the dishwasher and that also seem to help, too. Worked on more plastic canvas pieces, watched our shows, did a little bit of house work, cried ever so often, but that's pretty much it and didn't leave the house. Bad day for me, he is on the brain. Talked to a good friend for about any hour. I wish he was here, but I have the strength to go on. So, i am going to look at this as One Day At A Time and count down the days until he returns. I just haven't been inspired really to do anything creative. Maybe in the days to come I will be able too. Been thinking about doing some care packages for him but I am stumped right now on what to send him. Kids did another video message to daddy of the today. My kids are just so funny when we does these, either one doesnt look at the screen, one makes faces, one you have to get him to say"I love & miss you, daddy.", "I wish you were here, daddy.", or one of them just cuts the video off completely. I just laugh when one of those happens. 

Pretty much did the same thing as I did yesterday. Only today was a little different, Aiden has a meltdown (some would say sensory overload), the power went out again do to us having a thunderstorm went out right before 4pm and didn't kick back on until before 9pm. Aiden was getting upset because the lights were not on in the house and keep saying there was a scary monster that's why whenever I would go outside to smoke he had to follow. When I told him to go back inside to play with IPad he would repeat "There's a scary monster, there's a scary monster inside!". Then, he started crying and asking for daddy and I told him that you can't talk to daddy because his is busy working on the boat and he just kept crying and saying "I want my daddy".So, I told him that I will call daddy and you can leave a message for him and he will call back when he all done. So, I called and to our surprise he picked up but couldn't talk long. So, I told the hubs he needed to talk to his son so that way he could calm him down. So, that's what the hubs did, he talk to Aiden so he would calm down and Aiden did. It made me so happy that he answered the phone. We told him that we loved and missed him like crazy and that we would see him when he got back home. Forgot to do a video message to daddy, but there was a good chance he would coming home tomorrow but it is still up in the air. 

 Woke up later then I wanted to. Waited on word if the hubs was coming home today or not. Well, guess what?, he is coming home today....SO Excited. I got a text message from him saying he is coming home, I cant wait to see him, kiss and hug him again. Had to wait around until he sent me a message to get ready to come pick him up because I didn't want to get there really early but at least the kids got a nap in before I got them up and ready to go. SO, waiting around was hard knowing he was back in homeport. So, I tried to keep myself busy with picking up the house and keeping the phone in my pocket just waiting for him to give me the word. Finally around 2:30pm I got word, so I ran up the stairs got myself ready and then the kids. Made sure I had everything before I left the house basic stuff like their sippy cups, purse, camera, and etc... So, about five minute before I was pulled into the parking to wait for him he calls me and says "Come pick me up". I said "No". He then tell me that "I will walk home". I told him "If I wasn't there in lets say 10 minutes, you will probably need to walk home". A little joke a played on him.  Even though I was already practically there. He saw us. I parked the car and I immediately got out and waited anxiously for him to arrive at the car. I gave him the biggest kiss and hug, I missed him so much. The kids were super excited especially Aiden (daddies boy). The hubs wanted to drive and I let him. He had to be back to the boat around 2pm tomorrow. So, not a lot of time but he spent every waking moment with us. Went to Wal-Mart for a few things that he needed and we needed. Went home he spent a lot of time with the kids even gave them a bath. Ordered Chinese food because it was what he wanted plus it was quick and easy. Spent the night holding and kissing each other, watched our shows together, went to bed a little early for me and a little later for him. So, happy that he came home. 

Woke up next to the hubby, curled up right next to him until the kids started cry to be let out of their rooms, I was so excited and sad at the same time because we both knew he had to go back to the ship today. When I got the kids out of their rooms they went straight to our room and started bouncing, kissing daddy trying to get him to get up out of bed. The hubs got up out of bed and made the kids brunch because we wanted to put them down for a nap early so that way we could spend a little time a lone together. He put the kids down for their naps. So, excited to spend a little time together before he had to go back. Weird part is that we didn't quarrel the whole time his was home. Well, when he was home everyday we would get into spats about the little and big things. It felt like it did when we first got together. Deployments/Underway it make you realize a lot of things, about how much he means to you, how much he helps out and all that good stuff. When I saw him on Thursday it felt like I fell in LOVE with my husband all over again. When 1pm hit, it hit me hard because I didn't want him to go, had to get the kids up from there parcel naps to get them ready to take the hubs back to the ship. Well, we had to leave, we all got in the car, had to hit NEX first because he found his DS so he needed a game. Then it was off to the ship for him. Well, we dropped him off, I cried because I didn't want to see him go and that I was going to miss him deeply. He gave the kids and I kisses and hugs and said that he would see us soon. It was hard on me seeing him go again the kids on the other hand, neither one of them cried but Aiden kept saying to Liam "Daddy will be home tomorrow."and I had to tell him that daddy wasn't coming back for several months. I don't think they fully understand other then that daddy has to go to work and then he gets to come home right after work, everyday. So, after we dropped him off, I took the kids home, had them do a video message to dad and then put them back down for their naps. I spent a good couple hours just sitting here missing him before I had to get the kids up and take them to the NEX to pick up our family pictures we had taken back in July. Got the kids up and headed to the NEX. We went inside and the whole time we were there they kept asking for a toy. They think that every time we go to the store they have to get a toy.  Picked up the pictures and did a little shopping while we were there. Then left to go home and, No, they didnt get a toy, they got a toy yesterday. Got home and back to the normal routine. Fed them dinner and then put them down for bedtime. I on the other hand started thinking about the hubby while I was picking up the bedroom and folded two loads a laundry. Then, I went to bed like I usually do but with him not sleeping next to me I have a hard time trying to fall a sleep.
Our Family Pictures

Woke up feeling all a lone because I just miss him so much. Got the kids up, made them breakfast, lets them watch Phineas and Ferb all morning long and through lunch time. Fed them lunch, but like normal they have to get up and get into everything and Aiden was jumping everywhere. That's when I realized Aiden has a new thing going he has been doing it for a few weeks now, jumping up and down on his tippie-toes, repeatedly. Put the kids down for there naps. Quite time for mommy, usually happy about quite time but this time, I just started think about the hubby. I didnt get much house work done, didnt feel up to it because I knew he is going to be gone longer then some 4 days of work ups. I emailed him asked if he wanted us to send him a care package but he has yet to reply. So, I am still waiting on that. I will get around to doing one here shortly in the upcoming weeks.

Well, toddles for now. 

P.S. Babe, if you are reading this, then I just want to say "We Love you and Miss you like CrAzY, so when you get a chance give us a call, email, text, whatever and we will be here when you get back. Have a safe trip there and back home, Love ya, Boo Boo!".

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