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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Jinxed New Home.....

   OK, just as a heads up, the house is not haunted but I do believe that this house has bad juju.

    So, let me explain why I think this way. Lets start back in May. We found out the address to this house here in Virginia, which at the time we were excited because sometimes base housing doesn't have vacancy's and we didn't have to stay at a hotel until they did have one. Which was great for us, mind you we were stationed in Washington state for a little over 4 years before we transferred out here in July and didn't have this many problems with base housing out there. I sit here and I think how do I start explaining.

   Well, I guess I can start right here. So, upon arriving at the housing office, we pick up our keys to Our New Home. We drive down the road a bit to the house, parked out front and met the check-in lady at the front door. She opens the door, you would think nothing is wrong and everything looks good at this point, we all go into kitchen and then she starts telling us about the area and about each part of the house. Ever Since we Moved in to this house it just seems like everything is going wrong and I feel like people just don't want to show up to this house either. Mind Boggling....
   These are all the problems we came across on the first day of moving in:
   The Front Door/Entrance:

The Front Entrance

<-----This is the outside of the screen door. It looks like they just used putty to cover some holes and didn't paint over it.

This is the inside of the screen door and did the same thing. 

Dents in the door frame by the handle. Which really isn't that big of a deal because most base houses you move into have dings and dents in doors and stuff. It's always good to write down so you don't get blame for it and them turn around and say "You have to pay." to have the whole door replaced.

 The Entrance Hallway/Living Room:

Entrance Hallway
Living Room

Around the light switch all kinds of dents and a dings. 


There were quick a few scuff marks on the walls throughout the living room.

The Painters who painted the ceiling forgot to remove the tape off the lighting. But then again you never know maybe the tape is covering something up or its holding it up in place.

The kitchen:

<-----This is the pink stain we found on the counter between the cabinets and stove.

 This is how the dishwasher looked when we first walked in the house.----->

Then that same night we did a load of dishes and the next day we notice that water was coming up through the floor boards. Come to find out they didn't change the old hose for the new one so it was leaking out all the water we use to do the dishes. Also, they came out the following day and changed the old hose for the new one.

After the water leakage they came out and pulled up the floor and replaced them with new ones. 

All the drawers looked like the were stained.

The cabinets too. So, what I did was put lining on in the inside of them.

I have no clue what this is but it was found in one of the cabinets.

This is what it  looked like under the sink. We lined it as well.

We found mold up under the sink. See, I didn't go looking for this, it found me. This is how I found it, I was trying to thaw some meat out for dinner and they never gave us our sink stoppers so we jerry rigged it and I left to water running and when I remembered a little bit of water came streaming out of the cabinet so I went to investigate it. There was some water inside the cabinet. Well I cleaned the water up and was looking at the back wall and there it was, MOLD.  So, we informed housing and they came Friday to measure the counters and we are getting new counter tops. So, when they come to remove the counter to replace it, that's when I will know the existent of the MOLD issue.   

The is the under side of the oven range. I know don't know if you can see very well but it had food splatter and dirty as all get out. Wasn't even cleaned before we moved in. They said "Oh, we will have someone come and clean that for you." Well we called and they never showed up to clean it. So, the hubby did it for me. 

This white cover/catcher (it goes over the light bulb on the oven range) was full of dead bugs. GROSS!!!
Hubby cleaned this out for me too, so I could start making homemade meals on the stove again. So, we were not eating out all the time. Plus the hubby and kids loves my home cooked meals....LOL!!

The counter top is still chipped, documented.
Out with the old and in with the new. All my counter tops are being replaced, Yeah!!

This is NASTY. This is behind the fridge, documented.

   The Dining Room:

Dining Room

These two spots are on the wall in the dining room and we already tried to wipe it off but it didn't come off. So, I have know clue what it is. I hope it doesn't get bigger. I really don't trust this house to not know what it is.

The Hallway Closet:

Hall Closet

This is the door to the closet. What a paint job.

I have no clue what this is, I don't think its the door bell but who knows. Plus, it looks like someone push it in, plastered over it and the painted it. It's also not covered up but at least the kids can't get to it.

This is in the corner of the closet and who ever came to paint didn't do a good job. Hey, you missed a spot!....hahaha.

The Backyard:

Entrance To Backyard and it shows the shed. 

So, the support beam has HUGE cracks going up and down it. Now, this support beam holds up the roof for the patio area. Hopefully, this stays supported until we move out, ONE day but you never know.

Now, for the  water faucet outside. It's pretty much fine but it is loose, moves around to easily and you can kinda pull on it but if my kids pull on it to hard I am afraid it will just come right out.

I have NO clue. It looks like blood but I don't know if its bug blood or what but it is still there. Great cleaning job, right. Plus, the tracks to the sliding glass door were filthy, all kinds of dirty. 

Now, this is funny, we had are own personal waterfall. The gutter was bulged do to something stuck up in it. Come to find out it was a sippy cup in the gutter and that's what was clogging it up.  

    The Storage Shed:

This is what was in our storage shed when we first opened it up. No, that is not our stuff, that came from the previous tenant. It took them Two-Three days to get rid of it. They moved it out of the shed the first day and put it behind the fence and just left it there. Until finally after calling the office, several times, they finally took this stuff away.

One bulb was burnt out and the other was on the verge of gong out. So, when they came to work on light bulbs in the shed the first day they took off the light cover off and just put it on one of the shelves. Left it there for about a week because that's how long it took them to change the light bulbs. 

The Garage:
  Well, I don't have pictures for the garage because some guy was out fixing it. The whole garage had to be replaced because it wasn't working properly. So they replaced the whole thing. The lights were flickering so it took them a week to change those as well. The garage opener we didn't get until almost 2 weeks later. Then on top of that the garage door opener is very touch it opens when it wants too. Had a bitch of time trying to open it today.

   Heading upstairs:

   Upstairs Hallway:

 This is the attic crawl space. It looked like someone crawled up there and jammed the lid back into place and didn't care if it fits or not.

Aiden's Bedroom:

<-----This is Aiden's door, as you can tell the door is off kilter. Its definitely looks like they didn't care if the door was aligned or not.  
This is how the door handle came with the house and they still haven't fix it. So, it just hangs there.->

This is why the door is off kilter because instead of replacing the whole door frame. They got lazy and did it shity, so now the door looks like crap.


 Liam's Room: 
   Nothing to report yet. Haven't found anything wrong with it but that day is coming. I can feel it.

   The Boys' Bathroom:

<----- This looks like the cocking is coming off. What a trouble job.

This is the tub. It had Two rust spots at the time. ----->

<----- This is just a close up of the rust spots.

They came and painted over it. It took them almost 3 weeks to come out and spray it. So, it looks like a brand new tub now.

Now, this is such a bad, everything, job but I wonder what is behind that trim. I guess I will never know because its nailed on down pretty good.

The Master Bedroom:

This happened like the second week after we moved in. We were in the middle of unpacking our boxes and got to the clothes that were on hangers. So, we put like 20 hanged clothes on this rack and this is what happened, it came falling down at us and it hit hubby in the wrist (he was in pain but not broken). Damn, plaster walls....

This is a close up of the damage that was done to the wall. Here's the funny part, not even a day later, Aiden's closet shelf does the same thing.

We had missing vertical blinds, and that's pretty much all I can remember for now.

The Master Bathroom:
 This is what we found on the second day. The trim just came right off and this is what was behind it, MOLD. And by the way, I didn't go looking for this either, it found me. So, we call the maintenance people to fix it. Well we had a guy come out and look at it and said that the ticket was put in as water damage and I said, "NO, I told them that I thought it was MOLD". So, the Maintenance guy brought a tool to check for water damage and didn't even use it. Then proceeded  to tell me that its not mold its just the support board and the white stuff was plaster splatter. OKAY.

So, the next day the district manager came out  and we showed her and she said, "It's definitely mold". Then, we had to call and put Maintenance tickets in so they could come out and replace the flooring, baseboards and trim.

<-----This is what the bathroom looked like after they came and pulled up the flooring.

This is what we found underneath the flooring, MOLD. 

 Up close picture of the above one.

 This is on the over side of the tub, mold.
 I just love how housing hired people to come in and do a half ass jobs.

It looks like all they did was just get a bucket of putty and spread it all over the mold and tried to covered it up.

You can tell where they did cover most of it up.

More picture of the bathroom floor.

More picture of the bathroom floor.

More picture of the bathroom floor.

This is the side of the tub where we first notice the mold. It looks like it's going up and behind the tub. NO, they didn't replace the tub. They're to stupid to think like that.

 More picture of the bathroom floor.

More picture of the bathroom floor.

More picture of the bathroom floor.

 Don't know if you can tell but it's was starting to grow on this side as well.

   So, we called it in. I told them its definitely MOLD. So, they sent out a mold guy to come look at it and he was telling my hubby and I that what they were going to do is put a capsule over it to stop the spreading of the mold. So, I asked "Is it black mold?" his answer was, "Yes, it is black mold but not the toxic kind", mind you all he did was go in and look at it. So, I asked "Can we get it tested to find out what kind of mold?" His answer was, "Sorry, I don't know what you are asking?". how do you not know what I am asking, stupid man, is what I thought. So, I repeated the question got the same answer two more times. Finally, I told my husband to explain it for me because obviously he wasn't getting what I was trying to say. So, Finally his answers was, "Well, if you do get a test done it could take months for the results to come back and it would cost base housing a lot time and money to get it down." At this point, I am so peeved that I just said "Just do what needs to be done, put the capsule on it, and i will be looking up info on your company." And if the mold comes back and gets us sick I am SO suing the eff out of them as in the housing and the mold company they hired. We were told by the mold guy that the capsule will last a lifetime. Plus, the military housing here in Virginia has been in the media. This "A" hole brought up the media crap and I played it off as if I didn't know what he was talking about. Yes, I heard about the mold issues that housing has had. Plus, I also know that they were "SUPPOSE" to inspect every house for mold before moving people in. Which they didn't, because from what I hear they have gone back to their old ways. Well here's something that I thought was funny, when I put the ticket for the mold. I told the Maintenance people on the phone that I know it's black mold, guess what they typed it in as Water Intrusion. So, I got a call for the Main office asking about water intrusion and I told her that I said it was BLACK MOLD not water intrusion. 

This is what the bathroom looked like with the capsule put on it.
This is the close up on the one corner of the tub. ----->

Note: Sorry, for the some of the bathroom pics the were turned correctly when downloaded. After downloading them they came out sideways.

It seems to us that every since we moved in, there nothing but problems and it also seems like no one wants to come to this house, for anything or any reason. 

Newspaper Issues:

   So, I started getting the Sunday paper from the newspaper company, getting four copies, so I can start back up my coupon binder again. $112.00 for 3 month. Well, the subscription started July 29, and guess what? I only got ONE copy. I was like WHF? where was the other three. So, I had to wait until Monday to call the newspaper company to try and see if I can get the other three copies. 
  • Monday's phone call: explained that I only got ONE copy and was told that they were going to send a message to the carrier and have them deliver my 3 papers on Tuesday. And that they credited my account for the three papers. OKAY.
  • Tuesday's phone call: explained what happened on Sunday and Monday. No copies. so, they were going to send another message to the carrier again. OKay. NO PAPERS.
  • Wednesday's phone call: Repeated myself and explained what happened again and that I called Monday and Tuesday. Was told that they were sending a message to a manager and not the carrier and that I was suppose to get my papers today. OKAY.  Well, I got my 4 Wednesday papers and then around late afternoon, a knock comes to my door and its one of the carriers with, ONE Wednesday paper. I told him that I was suppose to recieve 3 Sunday papers and he told me that he didnt have any Sunday papers and thought that no one would want them on Wednesday. So, he took them out of his car. And I had to explain what happened, again, to the carrier. Then, he tells me that I needed to call the newspaper company again and that they should send out another carrier to deliver my Sunday papers. So, I called again, and was told that they sent another message to a manager. Still NO Sunday papers.
  • Thursday's NO Phone call: When I went to get my mail from the mailbox, I had received 2 letters from them One welcoming letter and the other the bill. So, I look at the letters they both say Tissing instead of Tiffiny. So, here's my question how did they get Tissing out of Tiffiny? Still NO papers. So, it's late I will call tomorrow.
  • Friday's Phone call: first words out of my mouth " I would like to speak to a manager." "Well ma'am, they just sat down with another phone call, is there anything I can do?" what he said. No, I wanted to speak to a manager. Anyways, I ended up telling him the whole story again, explaining what happened and about the previous calls I made everyday this week. Then he tells me that it was going to take a couple of days to work on this and he made it a urgent message. So, hopefully, I hope hear something on Monday about it. 
  • Sunday: got ALL four papers but not the 3 papers from the previous sunday.
This here messes up my whole getting back into couponing.

Address Malfunction:

  Some time last week we received one of those change of address letter from the post office with someone else name on. It belongs to no one in this house. Thought it was a little weird. So, a few days ago, I went to go look outside our front door and low and behold there was a FedEx package. So, I know, I didn't order anything from Direct-TV. So, I looked at the name on the package and it was the same name that was on the change of address letter. WEIRD. So, I call FedEx to let them know that there was a package delivered to my address with someone else name on it. They said that they were going to send someone out here to come pick it up. OKAY. 
   But I had also called the number that was on the package and all I got was the voice mail message wasn't set up yet. So, I figured I would call later. Well, I got a call back from the number that was on the package and I told her that I have a package here for her husband and she says "Oh, Can you send me your address in a text and I will have my husband come pick it up after he gets off work." OKAY, no big deal. 
   Later that night, she texts me back to say "Oh, well my husband won't be back until the 16th. So, if its all right I will pick up tomorrow." OKAY, that fine. On Friday, the FedEx guy came by to try and pick up the package and I told him that I got a hold of the people who's name is on the package and they said they were coming to pick it up that day. He asked to see the package and I gave it to him and he asked "If I knew where the address was that was on the package." I told him "That's my address but the name on the package belongs to no one in this house." He then asked me If I know what their new address was and I told him that I know its not this address and we are the only one who live at this address and that I don't know it. I even showed him a piece of my mail and it matched the address on the box but the name was different. So, He gave me him number to call and let him know that the package was delivered. OKAY. Well it's Sunday and she still has not picked up the package. Will be calling tomorrow.

   Now, you see that every time I turn around something NEW happens and No One wants to come to my house for some reason. But, we are still unpacking and trying to settle in and get everything organized before Hubby has to go on his first deployment with the ship. Which SUCKS. 

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