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Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Weeks Updates 2012-Week 35

Week 35 Updates....

August 26-September 1

Note: I am sorry about the hold up on this weeks posting. Had a long weekend Skyping with the hubs. This week got a little bad but ended up be great in the end. I am already starting on Week 36, so, that way I don't get behind again. 

Woke up like normal, got the kids up fed them breakfast. They watch some TV for a little while. Then it was off to their normal chasing, fighting and playing with each other. The hubs called to let me know that he woke up and was walking to the liberty center to chat with us. Fed them lunch and they watch BusyTown Mysteries. Called the appointment line to make an appointment for my left big toe. So, I have appointment Monday at 9:20am.  Fed the kids lunch, then they went down for their naps/quite time. I spent the time running up and down the stairs because Liam was finding every excuse to get out of his room and take his nap. During their nap I cleaned up the house a little bit, normal housework stuff. Got the boys up from their naps and as usually Liam says "Mommy, i'm hungry!", me thinking he should have ate more of his lunch. Got the kids a snack and put BusyTown Mysteries for them to watch. The hubs called to let me know that he was ready to Skype with the boys. The boys were excited because they got to chat with daddy on Skype. I think they get more excited about Skyping with daddy because they get to wear my headphones when they talk to him. Plus, they get One on One time without other people making noise and distracting them from chatting with daddy. Fed them dinner they wanted Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, which is there favorite, if they could eat it everyday they would. After, dinner put the kids down for bedtime. Which is a fight with them almost every night. But got to love them, they keep me busy and going. I may not exercise everyday but I run after them every minute of everyday, they are my workout...LOL. I finally got them down. I Skyped with the hubs a little longer, had to cut our chatting short do to him being tired and had to catch the bus back to barge because he had to work tomorrow. He chatted and texted me before he went to sleep. I miss him a lot.  Had to take trash out of the house and cans to the curb for tomorrow pickup. I went to bed around 11pm because I know I have to get up balls early because I had my doctors appointment.


Aiden chatting with daddy on Skype.
Liam chatting with daddy on Skype.
Sorry this pic is side way I tried to fix it and uploaded this way.
Got woken up at 12:30am because Liam had to go potty and which he did but he was still up when I was sleeping. So, I had a little bit of a ruff time trying to get him to go lay down and go to sleep. I was doing this half a sleep, too. Not fun, at all. I finally got him settled in bed and I went back to sleep. Woke up at 7:30am, go ready and then got the kids ready. Had to make sure we had everything before we left for my appointment. The kids ate poptarts in the car on the way to the Clinic. We arrived in time. We sat in the waiting room, I had to fill out some paperwork and I gave the kids their IPads to play with but they got mad because they couldn't watch their shows do to no WIFI in the Clinic. So, instead of playing a game on their IPads they decided to climb all over the chairs, touch pictures that was hung behind us, and undo caution tape, the Clinic was under repairs that why there was caution tape up. Finally, we got called back. I think they did okay while we were in the doctors office until the doctor came in. I had brought snacks with me, so that way they can play their games and eat a snack while mommy talked to the doctor. Not a fat chance, the whole time the doctor and I were talking they were getting up running around and kept screaming, talking loudly while we were talking could barely hear what the doctor was saying. The doctor said that all I have to do is soak my toe in warm soapy water and it should just grow back out. Okay. That was actually good news to hear because I don't know what I would have done if they had to go in and remove part of the toe nail because the hubs is not here to watch the kids, if I had to have that done. After, the appointment took the kids home fed them lunch they got to watch TV again...LOL. Put them down for their naps. For a little peace and quite. I soaked to toe for about 10 minutes, then got up and started to clean and pickup the house a bit. The hubs called to let me know that when he was getting off work and that after work he was heading to the liberty center for a little bit of Skype time with us. He finally got off work and got to the liberty center. I decided to put Skype on the desktop because I thought the screen would look bigger and thought if would be easier for the kids to see daddy better. I guess not because the hubs could barely hear them when they talked. After there short talk with daddy. They ate there dinner, then it was time to put them to bed. So, I got the kids in bed, they were quite, so it was time for one on one time with the hubs. Yeah, No, that really didn't happen because my youngest keep saying he had to potty, literally, every 5 minutes. So, I really didn't get to spend that much time chatting with him before he had to leave to the bus back to the barge. I made sure the house was somewhat pick up from the mess the kids made. Then, it was off to bed for me with I couldn't sleep and could fall asleep until around 4am these nights suck.

Since I didnt fall asleep until the wee morning, it was hard for me to crawl out of bed. I got up let the kids out of there rooms and let them play in there rooms. The kids and I went downstairs made them brunch and they watched BusyTown Mysteries. Around 12:45pm laid them down for there naps. I pick up the house getting laundry done, dishes-loading and unloading, the usually stuff. Called Crystal Spring Water to get my subscription cancelled do to the fact that moving from Washington state, which I was paying around $15 a month for the 2 water bottle and system, to Virginia where I am paying almost $20 a month for system and getting one bottle. Which I kinda find is BS since I had a years subscription. Plus, we just don't want to waste money anymore on that when its cheaper to go buy the system ourselves, someday. Man, it's a HOTT today, to HOTT to sit outside to smoke really. Plus, I felt like I needed to clean something. I usually clean and/or pick up the house during the kids nap and bedtime everyday and I think that's maybe the reason I stay up so late most nights. Plus, when I do clean up at night, time seems to go by fast then I want it too. Payday is around the corner and I am starting my grocery list and I know I am going to need to get a couple of things for the hubs care packages. Been looking online for different craft projects to do around the house. Most craft projects take time and money and here lately I feel like I have neither one. I am working on my How to transfer pictures to canvas. So, hopeful it will be up shortly. If you haven't seen it yet. Sorry been busy. So, hopefully I will have it finished sometime next week. Got the kids up from there naps. When I got the kids up Liam shot right up as soon as opened the his door, Aiden on the hand didn't want to get out of bed, but I let him sleep right until dinner time. Kids dinner tonight is heated up Chief Boyardee Spaghetti with meatballs, they expire next month and so they need to be eaten. Aiden had 2, he was hungry, Liam had 1 and a hot dog, so they ate well tonight. Sometimes I don't like Aiden sleep longer for his naps because he becomes whiny about everything but I had to calm him down. The hubs got off work and caught the bus to the liberty center and when he finally got to the liberty center he was Skyping with us. I was kinda worried because I didn't know if he could Skype with us since it looked like a thunder storm was headed our way and got here. Was afraid the power would go out. Been having problems with the gutters here because it started getting clogged and I had a waterfall in backyard again. Plus, the hubs said it was rain there and that the internet was acting up where he is at. The boys got to talk to daddy until the internet went out where he is at. So, we got to talk to him for a good 30-45 minutes before the internet out. Since the hubs has duty tomorrow, I told him he needed to head back to the barge and good to bed early. Did he listen to me, "NO", instead he stuck around to play some games and then caught the 10:30pm bus back. Now, I hope he learns next to listen to me, right....LOL. After dinner and Skype, I laid the kids down for bedtime. Now, time to pick up and clean. Relax a little bit. Then head to bed because I have to get up early, Aiden has his doctors appointment tomorrow at 11:20am. 

Woke up early around 8:45am, got the kids up and ready to go. Grabbed some Little Bites muffins, diaper bag, paperwork, and other stuff we needed and started heading out 
the door around 
9:45am. Got the kids piled in the car and belted. I notice that this green SUV finally moved from the one spot we normally park the our truck, it took over a month waiting for the vehicle to move from that spot. Today of all days it finally moved. So, I got out jumped into our truck and started back the truck into that very parking spot. So, the day was starting out good so far. Finally, pulled out of the driveway and started heading down the road. I just remember that I was suppose to fill out the school physical paperwork, GPS says it will take us 30 minutes to get to the Clinic for Aiden's doctors appointment. So, I think I had time to fill out before we went in. Well, got to the Clinic a little after 10:30am had about 30 minutes left until I had to go in. So, I sat out in the car filling the paperwork out, while I had two kids in the back saying "I want out, Mommy, I want out!" repeating over and over again. So, as soon as I got done filling out the paperwork, we went inside. As soon as, I grabbed ahold of Aiden hand, so, I could walk the kids across the street to the Clinic, Aiden says "Mommy, you are tickling me, mommy!". I have never understood that, why when I  hold on to him, he says it tickles him, I just don't get it. I guess its his new thing, like jumping in place and lining things up. Went to the Pediatrics in the Clinic, checked in and everything was going smoothly, so far. We arrived more then 15 minutes as we were suppose to. So, I sat filling more paperwork as I was doing that I was keeping an eye on my kids who were playing with the toys and jumping in and out of the toy box. They were acting like there normal selves when we were waiting for the doctor. I have learned one thing and that is even though Aiden is autistic is that people who don't deal with a special needs children tend to look and question why they do or act different then them. That is what I have learn after this doctors appointment because I have witness it myself when there was a father and son in the waiting room with my two kids and me, and Aiden was there flapping, jumping in one place and laughing loudly, like he has been doing for the last 6 months or so. Anyway, I don't know if they laughing and talking about me son or I just don't know. I have never experience this before. I wanted to cry so bad. But I don't know what they were really giggling at but I know that we were in the room only ones in the waiting room. SO, things like that you just have to let it go, unless you actually hear the word come out of there mouth, then there no need to say anything. So, anyways, we got in to see his doctor like over 30 minutes after his scheduled appointment. So, this is the start of things sliding down hill. Had to explain to the doctor that Aiden was diagnosed with autism back in April 2011. He acted like he didn't even read his medical record. Then I had to let him borrow my copy of the diagnoses, in which he tried to keep and then tells me at I can go online and get a copy through there. I was like, NO! I need that copy for all his therapy and other medical stuff. Plus, that is my copy that the hospital gave us after they diagnosed him. So, the appointment was for a school physical and his 4 year check up. The doctor gave a list of different places I had to go just so it could finish up his physical but first had to stop by medical records, I guess to give permission to for them to copy the records, I am not sure. Anyways, after there we went to Labs to get Aiden's blood drawn and he had to pee in a cup (I thought that was a little weird, a 4 year old having to pee in cup for physical, WOW). Then, we headed to Immunizations so Aiden could get his shots, he was a big boy, he cried a little but was better when the doctor gave him a lollipop, Liam got one, too. Then we went back to Pediatrics to go pick up the school physical paperwork. Then, a nurse came out to took us to a different office. I got to speak with an EFMP coordinator for the Clinic, he gave me some great information about getting Aiden back into ABA therapy through ECHO. So, The whole time in the Clinic my kids acted like crazy animals. They ran around like there heads were cut off. Now, I am punished them, but was I do. In today's society, if you spank/swat, yell, or whatever to your child out in public you get CPS called on you. But if you don't control your kids in public people automatically think you can't control your children. So, basically you are in a no win situation.  Shit, if your kids look dirty, they get called. So, the question is what do you do? I feel like I tired everything and nothing worked, I brought their IPads, snacks, drinks and etc, but NOTHING worked. It got so bad that I couldn't stick around to get Aiden's medicine. I know this the last straw was when we were leaving to go to the car Aiden's pants fell to his knees and he knocked over this heavy and large bullet looking thing and that when I was so embarrassed and I started crying because I just couldn't take anymore. I finally got the kids in the car and was heading home. I cried all the way home. I can say this It was a VERY stressful day. Usually when the kids have appointments either one of us takes the child to the appointment or we all go but I guess I am just going to have to get use to the idea of doing all this on my own. Well, I put the kids to bed as soon as I got home for naptime. I needed to relax greatly. I called the hubs and told him everything that happened. I got the kids up from there naps, they got a snack and I put a show on for the boys. The hubs called to talk to the kids but they were there usually selves when talking to daddy on the phone. Made the kids dinner and they watched some more shows. Half the time I put a show they are up running around, chasing each other, or getting into stuff that they shouldn't. After they ate there dinner, it was time for me to put them to bed. Finally got the kids to bed. So, now time to pick up and clean a little before I hit the sack. The hubs called to chit-chat with me before he went off to bed. Then it was my turn for bed.
Aiden after he got his shots.
Liam, like brother asleep I want to stay up a little longer

Picked this letters up from Micheal's for the boys' rooms.
They have a spot on the back where it can hung easily.
Woke up around 9:30am. Got the kids up, fed them breakfast and then after breakfast I got the kids dressed and ready go. See I was suppose to drop the school physical paperwork off yesterday but since I had a ruff day with the kids yesterday I didnt want to take that chance. So, we headed over to the school to drop off the paperwork and we get there. I found out that Aiden is still on the waiting list and they had open house this week. So, Yeah, I was upset. I understand that the Pre-K classes where full this when we went to go register him in July but if he was first on the waiting list like they said then he should have starting school this year. But I think they by passed him because I didnt have the physical done before they asigned classes but Wednesday was the only time I could get him and I made the appointment back in July. I even let the class know that Aiden had appointment on the 29th for his physical and that was the only time I could him in, the doctor had appointments already so I had to take the first available appointment. Anyways, when the kids and I got to the office (I guess she was a school secertary, but not sure). Well, Ms. Harvey acted like she never saw my before, a little weird, since the kids and I have been there before after Aiden's had his IEP appoitnment and that visit she acted like a snob to my kids and I. So, I wonder was it do to the fact that our first visit there was when really no one was around and in this visit was it because everybody and there brother was there....hummm...just a thought I guess. I was so peeved, all I want to do is get my child into school, why does it have to be so hard. Oh, and Ms. Harvey pointed out that school registations start in April and I informed her that we didnt move to Virginia until July, SO really how were we suppose to know which effing school district he was going to be in, really. I can say this is that as soon as foudn out which school district we were in we went that day and registered him. So, I told myself as soon as I get home I am calling his IEP coordinator and getting something worked out to where he can get into a Pre-K this year, if he cant then he is going to be screwed do to the act that he needs an IEP just so he can start back up his therapies, because with Tri-Care now you have to have an IEP for those, which I find is BS. Called the hubs and cried because I feel like my oldest child will never get into school with us moving and him getting screwed every chance. Shit, we had problems with his ABA therapists, yeah he went through three, and all three were lazy and didn't want to there jobs. So, I feel like he is not getting the early intervention that he needs for him being autistic. I just don't understand it. Days like this make me wish he wasn't diagnosed with autism but I have learn accept it. It just frustrates me sometimes when things don't go the way they are suppose to, but nothing in life ever does, right?. The hubs called to let us know that he was getting off work and will be catching the bus to the liberty center. YEAH. He was going to catch the 1400 (4pm) bus there. Got the kids up from there naps and got the ready to go, so we could go to the store because we needed milk, bread and few other things we need to get. So, we got in the car and headed to Micheal's because they have a lot of crafting stuff that I need for hubs care package. Took to the kids into Micheal's they did pretty good, Liam was sitting in the cart and Aiden was being good 'cause he was holding on the cart. I even let the boys pick stuff that they wanted to send to daddy and to put on there own boxes that they are sending to daddy as well. Like I said they were good until we were about to head to checkout, Aiden wanted to get his own cart and while standing in line for checkout Liam wanted out of my cart and into Aiden's cart.   So, I let the them have there little fun until they weren't listening to me when I asked them to quit touching things and putting stuff in that cart. So, they didn't get there avengers stickers, they got mad and upset but they need to learn that they cant have something if they arent behaving, they need to learn that. We got back in the car, I noticed that it was getting late and pass there dinner time so I drove to McDonalds. After we got dinner we had over to the grocery store across the street and pickup the over stuff we needed like milk, bread, and etc. Had to hurry through the store because the hubs was waiting for us to Skype with him. Got home, immediately set up the computer and while I was doing that I was bring in the groceries from the car. I finally got everything in and the Skype hooked up and let the kids chat with daddy while I put everything way. After, they got done eating and chatting with daddy I put them to bed. Then it was my turn to Skype with the hubs. We chatted for a while  talked about our day. Then, he had to get off with me so he could catch the bus back to the barge. I miss him everyday. I stayed up a little longer to pick up the mess the kids made and did some dishes that were left in the sink. Then it was off to bed with me.

Woke up around 9:30am (which I have figured is the new normal for me). Got the kids up fed them breakfast watched SpongeBob SquarePants. They played a little, like they always do. Aiden and Liam like wrestling, chasing, and causing mayhem. My kids daily schedule... hahaha. Fed the kids lunch, usually PB&J sandwiches with vegetables and chips. I put another episode of SpongeBob, now, but like usually they get up less then half way through and I have noticed Liam isn't eating a lot of food lately, I know he snacks here and there, but that's normal and then some days he eats all three meals but that's normal for him. After they got done eating I put them down for there naps. The hubs called to let me know that he was getting off work and was going to catch the bus at 2pm. Okay, great love hearing from him. I started picking up the lunch dishes and also started to clean the living room. Went upstairs to start cleaning my bedroom. Then got a call from the hubs, he let me know that the buses weren't running at 2pm but the buses were suppose to so now he has to wait until 4pm for the next bus to arrive. So, after I got off the phone the hubs, I went back to doing what I was all way do, relax and clean. After I cleaned a little I wanted to start working on the kids care packages to there daddy. Got the kids up from there naps. Hubs finally make it to the liberty center. While I waited for the hubs to get ready for Skyping, I was still working on the hubs care packages. So, when he was ready I had to had to get my computer setup for Skyping as well. So, the kids got to Skype with there daddy, while I cooked dinner. After we got done eating I let them stay up for a bit playing around as usually. After they played for a bit, then it was time for bed. Laid the kids down. Liam playing his tricks on not wanting to go to sleep but I give him credit for trying. Finally, got him to lay down and go to sleep. I Skyped with the hubs a little longer. After, I went to bed. 

Woke up normal time for me now is 9:30am. Got the kids up and fed them breakfast. Brian called to let me know that he was catching the early bus out. Let the kids watch SpongeBob, while they ate. They got as usually and started climbing, fighting, chasing, playing "I'm a scary monster.", and not listening, like usually. Boys will be boys, right. Brian called to let me know that when he was ready to go and was walking to the bus from the barge that he just missed the bus by a hear of a second and he had to walk back to the barge.I believe the bus he was trying to catch was the 12pm bus but don't quote me. So, now he has to wait for the 4pm bus. I laughed a little because there buses that they run from the barge to base, there schedule is all missed up, I kinda feel sorry for the sailors on that ship but its a little funny at times especially when the hubs called and he is all pissed about missing the bus or the bus never comes. So, the hubs had to call the hotel and let them know that we was not going to make the 3pm check-in time. Since, the hubs has a three day weekend with Monday being Labor Day, he got a hotel room for two nights. So, we can have some private Spyking time with each without other people around and maybe, just maybe we can Skype all night long. EXCITED. Made the kids PB&J for lunch, like I do everyday, unless we run out of bread, then is leftovers or I have to cook or heat something up for them. They watch another couple of episodes of SpongeBob. Then when they got done eating it was time for there naps. I got them laid down for there naps. Liam playing the same usually tricks on not wanting to go take him nap. Aiden does this sometimes, too, but not as bad as it use to be. I was having a relax day, except I had to clean up the kids mess from lunch then relax. Put a title to this post but that was it. The hubs called to let me know that he checked into the hotel and then let me know that two other guys he knows from the ship were going to crash there, too. A little disappointed but I got over it, which sucked, that meant no Skyping all night long....BOO. I got the kids up from there naps and the hubs got on Skype and started chatting with the boys and I. I was so excited, I got goosebumps from just seeing him on Skype, I love him so much, more than he will ever know. I let the boys talk to there dad one on one. Then, I got back on and chatted for a little longer. The hubs said he was going to the mini NEX to get some beer, but come to find out they closed at 5pm, which sucked for him. So, he decided to go the bar for a pitcher of beer. While, he was doing that I was letting the boys watch more SpongeBob because that's what they wanted to watch. Liam is so cute sometimes because if I am upstairs and lets say I just got them up from there naps and I was in my room doing something Liam would come in there and say "Mommy, I want to go downstairs!", I would say "So, go downstairs!", then Liam would say "No, mommy I want you to come downstairs with me!", he just cracks me up sometimes. While the kids were doing that I was getting there dinner ready. Once, I was done with there dinner, I told them that they needed to sit down and eat. After, they were done eating, watching TV, and playing it was bedtime. The hubs Skype to wish them goodnight and sing soft kitty to Aiden. Aiden has his cute moments as well, like Brian was trying to sing Soft Kitty to him, he points to the window and says "It not bedtime, it is still light out.". So, the hubs and I had to explain to Aiden that its bedtime and that the sun was going down, so it was going to be dark here shortly. So, finally Aiden let daddy sing him Soft Kitty. I just sat there laughing at what he just said. He a very smart kid but he takes thing literally. So, I got the kids ready for bed and then put into bed. Now, it is time for Skype time with the hubs. The hubs was talking about something called a Mosquito Bracelet (which I never heard of until he told me about it) and said he would like for me to send him some in the care package we are making up for him. He says the mosquitoes are out there where he is at. Okay I would look it up later. We chatted for a little bit longer until his crash buddies came back to the room and then he had to let them into the room because he has the only key.....hahaha, funny. He was getting ready to go to sleep because he had a long day at work Friday and didn't get a good night rest until tonight. Okay. So, I got off the Skype with him. While, I was smoking, I wanted to check out where I could find those bracelets that he was asking for and found out Wal-Mart carries them. So, I put them in my cart and continued looking at the online page, I remember something that I wanted to check the prices on, a FoodSaver, I found one at a good price and texted the hubs to tell him that I wanted that one and I can wait on the serger until later. I asked if he thought is was a good idea to get it right now or not. It had great views and since I can and dehydrate foods I need the FoodSaver to help make the dry food in jars last longer by sucking the air out of the jar. Plus, it will help keep whatever freezer foods we have last longer and it won't get freezer burnt. So, he said got it and Happy Anniversary. Our Anniversary is coming up in the next few weeks and it sucks that he won't be here to celebrate it with me.....BOO. After, he called to let me know that he loves and misses me and that he was going to bed. I stayed up a little longer doing the dishes and throwing the load of in the dryer. Then it is off to bed with me. 

Well, toddles until next week updates. 

P.S. Babe, if you are reading this, then I just want to say "We Love you and Miss you like CrAzY, so when you get a chance give us a call, email, text, whatever and we will be here when you get back. Have a safe trip there and back home, Love ya, Boo Boo!".

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