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Monday, August 27, 2012

This Weeks Updates 2012-Week 34

Week 34 Updates....

August 19-25

4QT Jars of Jelly and 6 PT Jars of Peppers.
White lid is the one that went in the fridge.
Well, got up normal time as always, today, well tonight I am turning a new leaf because I am going to bed early and start working myself to get up earlier everyday until I have to be up at 7am to get Aiden ready for School. School starts here on the 4th of Sept. and if he starts (haven't got word yet) then I need to get up in time for him to eat breakfast, get him ready for school and drop him at his classroom but I have to prepare for that. Well, I started cleaning the house a little more today because I have been slacking in this department. I feel like I have some much on the plate, its unreal. School and Soccer haven't even started yet. Plus, I needed to clean the counters off in hopes that the counter guy was coming tomorrow. Well, I had cleaned off the counters and every time I turned around there was a damn baby spider here and there, they were everywhere. I found baby spiders in the corners of the counter tops, behind my appliances, on top of the fridge, in a couple of bowls in the cabinet, pretty much you name the place they were there. Every time I found one it would just piss me off even more because I hate them so bad, I believe I have a phobia of them because I can feel my blood pressure spike sky high, I scream and run, and I feel like I have an anxiety attack, especially when I see the bigger ones. But the hubs is not here to help kill them, SO, I have to put on my big girl panties and kill them even though I want to scream, run and hide from them. I also think the hubs don't like them either but he is not as bad as me either when it comes to seeing one. Well, anyways, I decided that I need to Can some jelly for the kids because they were running low, now normal the hubs is here to help, so I had to do the canning stuff by myself. Which I think I did a great job on. I filled 4 Quirt jars of Jelly and canned 3 Quirt jars because the 4th one wasn't filled all the way up. So, that one went to the fridge to be eaten right away. I, also, canned 4 pint size jars of pickled peppers because the peppers one went bad and the others we were not eating them right away, SO, I didn't want them going bad as well. Well, I thought I was just going to run into baby spiders, NO, as I was cleaning up my mess and did a load of dishes. I was putting the jars away in a box I had by the garage door. I moved the box a little and saw what I thought was a dead spider until I pick something up to touch it with and it moved a little. I, SO, wanted to scream but thank my lucky stars that the big barrier was sitting next to the door. I sprayed the hell out of it and kept thinking, "DIE, BITCH, DIE!" So, what I decided to do was spray down the trim that is not really placed well and I guess when the painters came to paint the house, well, the paint kinda shrunk a little and you can tell by looking at it. Well, as I was spraying the trim out of the corner of the wall another medium size spider comes crawling out of this hole and I am little its your day to DIE, too! The pest control person didn't spray in this area where its like and entryway into the kitchen and laundry room, she also didn't spray the laundry room or pantry either. So, I decided to spray in the laundry room as well and low and behold anther effing spider behind the door. It saw me, as was going for up to spray it and ran back into it little whole in the wall. So, I sprayed the shit out of it, had to make sure that I got it and it didn't come back out. So, I also sprayed in the pantry trim  and low and behold another fucking spider just crawling across the trim, WTF is going on in my house. Did housing just let this house sit or did the previous tenants never home or something because this is getting ridiculous. Well, I tried to go to bed earlier it didnt work tonight maybe tomorrow night.

This is my younger sister and
this is her baby's towel.
Front side
Back side
 Woke up like I always do, late. Got a phone call from the counter top people and so they are coming Wednesday to change out the counters. YEAH! The hubs made it to his distination in one piece, YEAH!, but he has duty today, SO, no liberty for him today and no skype or facetime with us, BOO. He did call which is always great, I may not get to see him everyday but I at least to get to hear his voice. Which I get all excited for, so, either way who cares right as long as you get to hear from your spouse one way or another, right! Well, the hubs promises to Skype with us tomorrow. YEAH!, excited. So, what do I wear? Oh, just joking, hahaha. See, with my hubs I don't have to get all dolled up for a Skype date, as long as he gets to see me that's great for him and the same goes for me. Now, that being said, If I had to Skype date with my hubs and if I looked like I have been crying all day, or even if I look depressed or sad, I would have to pull myself together and hide all that. I will brush my hair and all that good stuff but I wont put makeup on unless my hubs asks me to then I would. Now, I have heard of wives, girlfriends, and even fiances that do get all dolled up for Skype date, to each there own. I have been working on Plastic Canvas Magnets and worked on my oldest son name so I can put it up on his bedroom door. I will be working on youngest name as well. So, I sent pictures to the hubs to show him what I have done, He liked them. Then asked me if I could make him one, I was like sure. So, I am in the process of getting it done the way it looks neat. So, I have been doing a lot of research on how to make a hooded baby towel because someone made one for my younger sister one for her son and I believe I can make for one of my own. So, I asked my mother to send me pictures of the towel so I can figure it out and she did. Plus, I have a really good friend who just found out she is pregnant again and I would like to make this for her baby. I didn't think to make anything for her the first time around, SO, this time I am going to make this for her as my baby gift to her. Plus, if I ever have another little one then I will make one for my baby, one day. Now, when I make this hooded baby bath towel, I will do a tutorial on it, so that way other people can make there own. So, today has been a good day got to hear from the hubs but a bad day for the house, NO cleaning done what so ever. Well, I did pick up after their meals and change dirty pull-ups and put them in the trash, buts that about it. The kids did video messages to their daddy. Been still trying to figure out what to send the hubs in his care package and also I want to dress the box up, as well. Which I think will look cool, I plan on getting all the stuff come the first. 
This is the towel I would like to make. 

These are some up close pics of the hooded baby towel.
This is Aiden name plate I
made for his bedroom door.

Well, woke up same time as yesterday, late, that's it I am going back on my insomnia pills because this not just effect me if effecting my kids as well. So, I have put my foot I am going to bed earlier after the hubs calls, text and/or Skype with me tonight. Well, today is a BAD day for me. Where do I begin? Oh, well, here what happened the kids got up ate brunch, then laid them down for there naps and after there naps, OMG, they were all over the place and getting into stuff that isn't theirs. They were jumping from couch to couch, Aiden kept jump from his table to the couch and then walking across it. It was like I punch them and they retaliate and get into more stuff. Some how they got a hold of the temperature thingy that tells me what the temp is inside and outside of the house, plus it shows you like what kinda clothes to wear for the temp, which is pretty cool. Yeah, that was in piece meaning the batteries where on the floor somewhere, the back was off and under the kitchen table, and the little metal piece that connects the batteries together was somewhere as well. Apron was on the kitchen floor, I could go on. Not a normal day in this house, that's for sure. Well, the hubs called and I let him talk to the kids while I start cooking there dinner. Mind you the hubs was talking to the kids when I told them that they were grounded from their IPads because they were destroying my house  and they were running around the house with their heads cut off saying " Rrooooaaarrr, I am going to get you!", "There's a scary ghost!", or "I am a scary ghost!" at each other and then they would come up to me and try and hide while talking to daddy and me trying to cook. So, it was starting to annoy the hubs because every time he talks to the kids he can barely understand them because there is always some kind of noise in the back ground. So, I had to explain it to him that no matter what there is always going to be other noise in the background because I know when I am on the phone with other people and its when they are up, my kids are right there making all kinds a noise. Mind you, the hubs and I have been talking to each other almost all day on the phone, meaning here and there, because the hubs didn't bring his laptop with him and today was the first day he got liberty since arriving to his destination. Plus, he said it was raining so that's the reason he didn't bring it with him. Okay. Well, he also said he needed to go to the NEX for stuff he needed for his rack. Okay. Then he said he was going to the bar after the NEX to have a pitcher of beer with two other guys. Okay, not a problem, I understand, he needs to unwind for being stuck on a ship for a long period of time. Been there, done that. He also said that he was going to go to the liberty center to Skype with me and also to charge his phone.  Okay, sounds great, right. Well, to make a long story short, I ended up calling him around 10:30pm because I wanted to go bed and I knew that he was a little more than tipsy. Even though he admitted to having more then a pitcher of beer with his buddies. He didn't even Skype with me or anything just called, but I wanted to see him and he was being an ass to me. I was talking calmly to him, I didn't raise my voice or anything, AND, he some how knew I was upset with him. So, I explained how I felt, I was hurt by how he just dumped me for his boys. I felt like I didn't matter to him, or that I was to UGLY for him to look at me on Skype. He was drinking and people do, do stupid shit, like forgetting to Skype with there wife. So, the conversation wasn't over but he needed to get to bed because he had to work in the morning. SO, we will see how tomorrow goes. Went to bed, hurt and upset. Plus, counter top people were coming tomorrow had to be up before 10am.

I actually woke up pretty early for me 9:30am. A lot better then yesterday. So, got the kids up fed them breakfast, let them watch The Busy World of Richard Scarry, which they love this show right now. I got a knock on the door a little after 10am, it was the counter top guy, he came all the way to my house just to tell me that they made a mistake and that my counters weren't ready, yet. So, he leaves and I close the door behind him and I just stand there thinking "Why didn't he just call, instead of driving all the way over here?". Well, it looks like I wasted my time cleaning off my counters and still cant use my kitchen table until the install the new counters, it would be a waste of time to put it all back and then have to turn around and clear it off again. So, I have no clue as when I going to get my counters, BOO. A thought came to me last night, that I am going to do a post on what I have learned through this first underway/deployment piece. I will make a list what I have learned and then at the end of this underway/deployment I will post it up, its not a do or don't because every branch of the military,underway/deployment, and commands are different, meaning some spouses are gone for a few weeks to a year. So, right now I am just taking notes. Well, I am still a little upset about last night because things had to end quickly instead of resolving the issue. Well, when the hubs got off work he actually went to the liberty center and finally got on Skype, this time he brought his computer. So, started Skpying and talking to the kids but they ready didn't know how to just sit there and talk to daddy. So, when it came time for my turn I didn't want to Skype with at that moment and ended up talking to him on the phone privately.The hubs still knew how I felt and he some how figured it out. That is how well my husband knows me.  Its understandable that both spouses are stressed and lonely, but there is no need to take it out on each other. Its great to voice your opinions to each other. Once, we talked it out everything was back to normal. So, in the end we made up, I really can't stay  being mad at him for along period of time. Plus, he has this way of making me smile every time I do get upset at him and that's one of the many reasons I love him. So, the night ended on a good note, the boys did a video message to daddy. I did my video messages to him and we were texting each other all night until he went to bed. I stayed up a little longer just to clean up a bit.

Woke up at like 9:45am this morning, I think the sleeping mask is a big help to me getting to sleep early. Well, I am slowly working my way to 7am. The hubs talked to me all day which made my day. Well, fed the kids breakfast, they watched a few episodes of The Busy World of Richard Scarry. They ate lunch and then down for there naps, just a normal day in this household. Well, until we had to get ready to go to Aiden's Parent and Coaching Soccer meeting tonight at 6pm-8pm. Then I had to head out to Walmart afterwards because we needed milk, bread, and a few other things that the kids cant live without. Well, I got the kids in the car and headed over to the Youth Center on Base, got the kids inside and that is when all HELL broke lose. They were all over the place. The coach final let us into the theater and we took our seat, I pulled out the IPads thinking that this would calm down, fat chance. I felt sorry for the people in front of us because they couldn't hear what he was saying but even if my kids were being loud, you still really could hear him. Liam had to set on my lap, Aiden had to jump from seat to seat keep saying it was tickling him and he keep make loud noises with him mouth on him arm and laughing really loudly. I tried to calm him down but he wasn't having it. Liam said he had to go to the bathroom and I was like hold on because I know that was code for I want to get up and run around. See when my youngest uses the bathroom in public I will take him but the second I sit him the toilet he says all done and he didn't even try. So, thank my lucky stars I told them we are going home and the lady in front of us said that she would take down the info for me and email it to me, I told her thank you for doing this for me. That was one less headache for me to deal with. Taking my kids out in public is asking for trouble...LOL. We were only in the meeting for 30 mins until I had to leave. So, I decided to since we got out of there early we had to stop be Walmart for the stuff I needed. Yeah well that didn't go to good either. We got one of those carts with the grey two setters and attached cart in the front, yeah well the kids were getting out of it, and they kept asking for a toys. I told them they haven't been good for a toy SO no toy today. Plus, I only wanted to go in and get what we need to then get home it was already pass the dinner time and bedtime by the time we got home. So, they ate a late dinner and then they talked to daddy on Skype. The weird part is Aiden kept saying he was tired, but wouldn't head to his room. Liam on the other hand said he was tired and when I went to bring up his chocolate milk he has every night, he was lying in bed with he IPad watch his show and just waiting for mommy to bring up his cup. Which was so great because the kids went down like angels. Me, I stayed up a little longer just to talk, text and Skype with the hubs. Then my ass was off to bed. 

This is the first one I did.
These our the other two.
He likes the one at the bottom.
Well, woke up at 9:30am its still a working progress. Found out last night that Aidens first soccer practice is on the 4th of Sept and some games will start as early as 8 in the morning. He is on the Ireland team for 4 years old, First game on the 15th of Sept., pictures will be on the 29th and he has practice every Tuesday at 6pm. So, my schedule is starting to get busy busy busy. Talked to the hubby today, he told me on Tuesday he moved all his stuff to the Barge and that the ship is going into dry dock for the time that they are there. I need to find a good cleaning schedule because I am feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff that needs to be put in its home, one thing I dislike about the military is I have to uproot my whole house and then I have to reorganize it and I can never figure out how I want it until we have to move again. which sucks. Finish a couple of plastic canvas name plates for the hubs but I asked him what colors he wanted and he said he wanted black lettering and Navy blue background I told him really cant do dark on dark you wouldn't be able to see the letters. So, I did one like he asked and I did one with blue lettering and black background, which turn out perfectly, in my opinion. I asked him what he wanted in his care package from us. I know he can get most of the snacks there but I want to send him other things as well because they may not carry wheres his at. The hubs talked on the phone today because he didn't know what time he was getting off the ship since they just moved to dry dock today. He talked to the boys, but they have short attention spans. My left big toe was hurting today as well, I think I am getting an ingrown toenail, OUCH, it does hurt a lot. I have two kids who don't look where they are stepping and keep stepping on that toe. Talked to the hubs until he went to bed. I did a couple loads a laundry, two loads of dishes, started picking up the living room and clean up the kitchen a little bit. Then I was off to bed.

Aiden talking to Daddy.
Liam talking to Daddy.
Woke up early, like 8:45am, see I am getting there. I thought I woke up the hubs with my text, nope, that turd was already awake. Got the kids up, fed them breakfast, they watched the same tv series from yesterday but different episodes. Liam really loves them, every time I turn the TV on Liam goes I want to watch that one mommy, as he is pointing at the show The Busy World of Richard Scarry.  Everyday is and exciting day for me, I get to Skype with the hubs tonight one on one, without the kids, finally. The hubs went to the liberty center and stayed there all day, just to talk, text and Skype with us throughout the day. The kids had a better time Skpying with daddy today because they got to wear my headphones with also made it better for the hubs as well. They paid more attention to what daddy was saying with the headphones on. They even took turns. So, today started out as a great day and ended as a good day. So, the hubs wanted to get beck to the barge by catching the 10pm liberty bus, well, when him and some of the guys he works with arrived they waited until 15 minutes after 10pm and still no bus. So, thankful, one of the guys he works with know a friend in housing there and they all walked to his buddies house and the crashed there. The hubs was texting me all night, and we was been sociable as well because he was a guest in there house. Well, he got a little tipsy,again. And that worried me because I don't know them, the people house crashed at. so, yeah it worried me a little. It was like a bored Saturday for me, I already did some house work, the hubs was home, the kids were in bed sleeping, and I had already watched all of our shows that we watch together. SO, ya kinda bored. So, I didn't go to bed until 3 in the morning. So, ya it was a late night.

Well, toddles until next week updates. 

P.S. Babe, if you are reading this, then I just want to say "We Love you and Miss you like CrAzY, so when you get a chance give us a call, email, text, whatever and we will be here when you get back. Have a safe trip there and back home, Love ya, Boo Boo!".

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