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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Big Changes

Hey Everyone,

WOW!!! Been a while... Well Big Changes have been happening since my last blog update.... BIG CHANGES!

Here is a List:

1) Had a New baby in August of 2013

2) Husband had left on a 9 month Deployment, First for us, in February 2014!!

3) Deployment was a complete roller coaster ride, the WHOLE 9 months he was gone. Up and Down, Up and Down.

4) Baby ended up in hospital for almost two days, still dont know what caused his shaking episode, not a seizure, hasnt had one since it happened. Doing Good!

5) Got a New puppy in March 2014

6) Went to go visit Family Summer 2014

7) Hubby came home November 2014

8) All kids have Speech therapy

9) Did some crafting Projects here and there... want to get them up hopefully here shortly

10) Been dealing with school and my sons IEP.... they make me want to pull me hair out.... most times

11) Snows days... no school for the kids for three days now



12) We are MOVING..... We bought a house....


Thought I would share...

The Smith Family

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